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What Is Involved In Speech Pathology in Adelaide?

The Communication Bill of Rights states that everyone has the right to communicate and be understood. At Nurture, it is our pride and passion to give your children the ability to express themselves fully. If you’re unsure about whether to take your little one to receive speech pathology in Adelaide, we will be giving you the scoop on how it works and what to expect during these sessions. Let’s take a closer look!

What is Speech Therapy in Adelaide All About?

Speech pathology in Adelaide looks at examining and treating a range of communication, fluency, speaking, and/or swallowing issues. These are being assessed by accredited speech-language pathologists otherwise known as SLPs.

These experts will create a diagnosis for communication disorders based on appointment to therefore devise a treatment plan in the following sessions. They work to manage problems to do with listening, reading, socialising, speaking, understanding language, as well as writer. Speech pathology in Adelaide can also benefit children who have swallowing issues, ensuring they can one day consume their drink and food safely.

What Happens During These Sessions?

Speech therapy in Adelaide usually begins with an assessment by a certified SLP who will identify the type of language disorder and the best approach to treat it.

Attending A Speech Pathology session in Adelaide

Nurture Speech Pathology provides Adelaide speech pathology services through the following methods:

a. In clinic sessions

Our facilities provide a modern and professional environment in which our highly trained speech pathologists can help your child develop their skills and achieve their full potential. Centre based speech therapy in Adelaide is preferable for our clients for a number of reasons:

- All resources are available at our centre whereas limited resources are brought for each home/school visit.

- Parents/carers can actively attend sessions to see what is being practiced and can bring home written program suggestions after each appointment for faster therapy progress.

b. School & Childcare visits

These visits are an excellent opportunity to conduct effective sessions with your child. It allows us to work closely with facilitators to ensure that they understand the specific needs as part of your child's treatment plan. It also allows us to observe how your child interacts with others in a "real-life" scenario. In addition, these visits are a terrific way to achieve language and literacy (ability to read and write) goals within the school curriculum. We will then be able to collaborate with their teachers closely and pre-teach or reinforce vocabulary, concepts, or literacy areas to support them to excel in school.

How long does your child need speech pathology in Adelaide?

The amount of time an individual needs speech therapy in Adelaide depends on a few factors, including (not limited to):

  • Their age

  • Type and severity of the speaking delay/disorder

  • Frequency of therapy

  • Underlying medical condition

  • Treatment of an underlying medical condition

Some speaking, language, or communication delay/disorders begin in childhood and improve with age, while others persist into adulthood and require long-term treatment and constant care. The success rate of treatment varies depending on the condition being treated, and the age group of the individual. Speech therapy in Adelaide has shown to be most successful when started early and practised at home with the involvement of parents and/or caregivers.

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