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Tell-Tale Signs You Should Take Your Little One To Receive Paediatric Speech Pathology

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Have you ever wondered how you would know if your child needs paediatric speech pathology? Children learn and achieve a lot during their first few vital years of development. Within the first two years, they learn to crawl, walk, socialise with others and talk. Similarly, we can use language milestones as a gauge on whether your child is progressing well according to their age.

As an example, between 6 – 9 months, your child should begin to babble in syllables and begin imitating speaking sounds. Your child should say their first words by the age of 1 and use around 50 words between 18 months to 2 years of age.

Here are 3 tell-tale signs you should look out for to identify if your child needs paediatric speech pathology.

Speaking difficulties

Does your child have any difficulties with speaking and/or fluency? Pronunciation represents the child’s ability to articulate words accurately. He/she may be deleting or substituting sounds that they find difficult to pronounce.

Fluency is represented by clear articulation that is free from repetitions and prolongation of sounds or words. Children who have issues with fluency may stutter or stammer. If your child is struggling to articulate words or produce certain sounds, he/she may have trouble with the “th” sounds. This could be a sign that they need some support from a paediatric speech pathology.

If your child struggles with speaking and/or fluency, it would be best to consult a paediatric speech pathologist to perform an assessment of his/her abilities. This will help determine whether your child is meeting their language milestones or are under performing the milestones.

Language difficulties

This involves the use of speaking and the understanding of language. Your child’s understanding of language involves simple tasks such as following basic instructions, understanding meaning of words, basic concepts etc. Some kids may struggle with understanding and speaking and need help. They may not meet the age specific language milestones and it could be a sign of a communication and language disorder.

Language delay is also a common disorder where children’s understanding and speaking develops slower than normal.

If your child struggles with any of the above or learning words and using words to communicate, you should consult a paediatric speech pathologist for advice.

Children with language problems need external help and special instruction. Speech language pathologists can assist in their progress by working directly with their parents, teachers, or caregivers. Early intervention is critical in a child’s communication and language developmental journey.

How can you access Adelaide Speech Pathology Services?

At Nurture Speech Pathology, we exclusively provide paediatric speech therapy in Adelaide. During our years of existence, we have built up an experienced and knowledgeable team to assist your child and you through their journey. With our play based approach, we aim to foster connections and relationships in order to encourage them to confidently express themselves. In doing so, we hope to bring out your little one’s best unique qualities in order to help them go out in the world with the gift of language.

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