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7 ways to support your child's speech development with the help of Speech Pathology in Adelaide

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Speech Pathology in Adelaide

When accessing Speech Pathology in Adelaide, one of your child's goals might be to increase the clarity of his or her speech so that he/she can be better understood.

Our Speech Pathologists in Adelaide are trained to support the communicative development of children. Trained and equipped with experience in different types of therapy methods, tips and tricks to facilitate their language development, our Speech Pathologists in Adelaide can ensure that your child is getting the most they can out of therapy.

Supporting your child's progress at home

a. Tips from our Speech Pathologists In Adelaide Adelaide

Apart from accessing specialised support from our Speech Pathologists in Adelaide, you as parents, who are with your child more often than we are, play a vital role in your child's progress in their speech development. Here are some simple things you can do to support your child at home.

  1. Get face to face with your child. Call out your child's name and ensure you get eye contact and attention before asking her to do something or when modelling tricky words or sounds so that she can see as well as hear you. This will help her to focus and encourages her to copy you.

  2. Use lots of repetition of the same words and phrases in routines. Children need to hear new words lots of times in context to understand and learn how to pronounce them accurately.

  3. It might be difficult to understand what your child is telling you new information out of context, try asking simple questions to narrow the options down to make it easier for you to understand.

  4. Refrain from repeating your child's speech errors. Although this might be cute, they need to hear the correct way of saying things in order to learn them. Repetition of incorrect sounds will confuse her.

  5. Model clear speech without overtly correcting your child(e.g. child: “twin”, Adult “that’s she is a queen with the /k/ sound!” with an extra emphasis on the /k/ sound)

  6. Play games with sounds (e.g. working on the “sh” sound by pretending to shush a baby).

b. Homework provided by our Speech Pathologists In Adelaide Adelaide

Home practice is also a vital part of Speech Therapy In Adelaide. Your child will require regular practising at home (as little as 5 minutes a day) in order to get the most out of these sessions. The more you practice, the faster they'll progress. Your child's speech pathologist in Adelaide will guide you on how you can engage in these home practices with your child.

At Nurture Speech Pathology, it is our pride and passion to help your little ones thrive in order to help them develop nurturing relationships for a better quality of life. With the help of our experienced therapists, we aim to make sure your little one is able to use the powers of words to help them get out in the world with confidence.

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