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Our fee structure applies to both private and NDIS clients 


First appointments here at Nurture are often parent consultations. Our clinicians often have to gather a significant amount of information during your child's first session to understand your child's unique needs and goals and determine next steps. This therefore often leaves the child feeling rather lonely and neglected during the session. Children are also very intuitive and our clinicians recommend not discussing about your child's needs and areas of support in their presence. A parent consultation, either done in the clinic or over the phone, is therefore required. 

Initial consultation (45-mins): $320.08

Initial consultation (30-mins): $266.73

Our initial consultation fee includes either a 30/45-minutes session, and time spent on reviewing case history notes and other relevant information (i.e. previous reports). 

Following the initial consultation, your clinician will provide a recommendation regarding any formal/informa assessments that needs to be carried out. A quote will be provided on how much the assessment will cost as it highly depends on the complexity of your child's presentation and needs. 


We will recommend the most appropriate therapy duration and frequency (weekly, fortnightly etc) according to your child's presentation and needs. Most therapy sessions however run for 45-mins and are booked in on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. Once a suitable appointment time slot has been identified, your Speech Pathologist and/or Occupational Therapist will reserve this appointment slot and book out a block of Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy for your child. 

Pricing (effective 29th July July 2024)

45-min therapy session - $213.38

60-min therapy session - $266.73

Our billing includes not only the time spent in direct therapy sessions but also the time dedicated to preparation, follow-up, and other necessary correspondence related to your child’s care. This holistic approach ensures that all aspects of your child’s therapy are accounted for. Our therapy session fee includes a 45/60 minutes session and 21 minutes of preparation and paperwork time.


Travel will be charged depending on the time required to travel to your home/childcare/school. Please contact the admin team on (08) 8102 4209 or to receive a quote. 


A cancellation fee for 100% of the session costs will be charged if the 48 business hour cancellation notice period is not provided either through phone call to 08 8102 4209 or email us at

If you decide to receive services from our clinic, you will need to agree to these cancellation terms.

Note that fees are subjected to change without formal notice. We will however aim to provide 2 weeks notice via email. Please ensure that your email address that we have on file is current.

Funding options and rebates


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) aims support a better life for hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and their families and carers. For more information around the NDIS: please click here. Nurture Allied Health SA provides services to participates under NDIS whose plan is either self-managed or plan-managed. 


Self-management is when you manage your NDIS funding. It gives you the flexibility and choice to decide what supports you buy to pursue your plan goals. Plan management is when a provider supports you to manage funding in your NDIS plan. These providers are known as plan managers. 


Chronic Disease Management Program 

(Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program)​

Rebate: $60

You can access up to 5 allied health (therapy only) sessions per calendar year. You will require a referral from your GP. 

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) program

Rebate: $86.15

You are allowed to access 4 assessment and 20 therapy sessions in total. You will require a referral from your child's  paediatrician, or psychiatrist. 


Please contact your private health insurance to enquire whether your extras cover provides a rebate for Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy services. Please also note that different companies and levels of cover provide different level of rebates. You can quote the following item codes to determine how much rebate you are entitled to. 


Assessment Code (60-90 mins) - Item 320

Assessment Code (>90 mins) - Item 330

Therapy Code - Item 340 

Occupational Therapy

Assessment Code - Item 100

Therapy Code - Item 250

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