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Frequently asked questions

Is there a need to see a speech pathologist ?

If you have concerns about your child or loved one's speech, language or literacy development, then the answer is 'yes'. A large proportion of us ignore the concerns for a long time before taking action. This adversely delays diagnosis and possible treatment. Research tells us that early intervention is the key, the sooner we can start helping your child/loved one, the better the outcome is likely to be. 

How do I book my child/person I'm caring for in?

Simply email us at, call us at 0403 118 979 or send through a callback request in our ""Contact Us" (for parents/carers) or "Refer to us" (for support coordinators/doctors/allied health professionals) buttons below. We will get back to you within 24 hours to have a chat about what your child needs and your preference for appointments. An appointment will be booked in on the spot while we have you on the phone and forms will be sent to your email to be filled out in preparation for your initial consultation.

My child/person I'm caring for is a participant of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Can you see him/her?

Nurture Speech Pathology is able to see and support participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme who are PLAN-MANAGED or SELF-MANAGED. Nurture Speech Pathology follows all recommendations and regulations outlined by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). Unfortunately, we are at this time unable to see NDIS participants whose plans and funds are managed by NDIA (agency-managed). If you are unsure whether your child or the person you're caring for's NDIS plan is agency, plan or self-managed, feel free to give us a all at 0403 118 979 and we can work together to find out. 

How long does an assessment typically take ?

An initial assessment for speech, language and literacy development usually takes between 1 - 1.5 hours. If needed, we can schedule in therapy to begin in the following sessions. Initial assessments for younger children are usually held across two assessment sessions as younger children often need time to warm up to the clinician.

An assessment is vital in the process for us to develop the best treatment plan. It allows us to determine the needs and requirements of your child/loved ones in order to tailor a specific plan for them. If you have a recent assessment with another speech pathologist, we can review to determine if an updated or other assessments are required.

How long does it take for treatment to work ?

The length of time in therapy is highly dependent on the individual's diagnosis and situation. There is no specific time-frame for which we or anyone else can give to guarantee an outcome from the treatment. We are responsible to help you understand their treatment plan and needs whilst keeping you up to date with their progress. We are available at anytime to discuss your child/loved one's options and the best path going forward.

What happens during a therapy session ?

Therapy sessions usually run for 45-mins to an hour. 

Regardless of whether we are working on speech, language, voice or other goals, you can expect that therapy sessions will be fun for younger children, engaging for other children and functional for adults.


We are passionate about making learning as fun as possible for younger children as research has proven that they learn so much better when they are having fun! We believe in equipping adults with skills that they require to be independent and to be able to interact with the community. Our goals as well as activities that we do with adult clients are very much functional orientated. 

Parents and carers will be sent home with homework and/or ideas that they can use to continue working on their goals at home! We are a fervent supporter of the empowerment of parents and carers to be the best supporters of their child or individual whom they are caring for. 

How do I pay?

Payment is due at the end of the session. We are able to accept debit/credit card payments on the spot with our portable EFTPOS machine. A receipt will be sent electronically to your nominated email address.Direct Debit transfers are also accepted. An invoice will be sent electronically to your nominated email address. Payments through Direct Debit will need to be processed within 7 days of the session. 

You can find more information regarding our fees by clicking the "fees" button below.

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