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Vanessa Fung


Vanessa is a founder of Nurture Allied Health SA. She is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with a full registration with Speech Pathology Australia. Vanessa completed her Masters of Speech Pathology from Flinders University. 

Vanessa believes in using a strengths based, family and child centred, collaborative approach to working with children and aims to implement practices that are respectful, culturally competent, trauma-sensitive and empathetic.

My Story

To address the pressing need for neurodiversity-affirming services and with a  deep understanding and passion for inclusivity, Vanessa founded Nurture Allied Health SA. Vanessa recognized the unique challenges faced by individuals with neurodiverse conditions and understood the importance of creating an environment that celebrates and supports their diverse strengths.


With a mission to bridge the gap in accessible and empowering healthcare, Vanesa established a practice that priorities the unique needs of neurodiverse individuals. By gathering a team of likeminded professionals who embrace a person-centered and neurodiversity affirming approach, Vanessa and the Nurture team ensure that every client receives personalized care and support tailored to their specific neurodiverse profile. 

Vanessa has completed the following continuing education workshops/trainings:

  • DIR Floortime - relationship-based approach to working with autistic children

  • Hanen More than Words & It Takes Two to Talk

  • Sounds Write Phonics Program

  • LSVT-Loud

  • AEIOU Approach to Feeding

  • Proloquo2go & LAMP trainings

  • Dynamic-Temporal Tactile Cueing


Vanessa's special interest areas include:

  • Speech Sound Delay/Disorders

  • CAS - Childhood Apraxia of Speech (DTTC, ReST, and Nuffield)

  • Language Delay/Disorders (incl. late talkers)

  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

  • Paediatric Feeding & Swallowing

  • Paediatric & Adult Voice

  • Neurodiversity-affirming approaches around self-advocacy and differences between neurodiverse-neurotypical social communication styles

Vanessa enjoys learning more about neurodiversity - especially on how the practice can be a strong ally to neurodivergents and how our clinicians can provide respectful and strength-based services.​ Outside of work, you can find her hanging out with her two children or reading. 

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