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Madelyn Totsikas

Madelyn is a Certified Practising Occupational Therapist with a full registration with the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. She completed her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours by Research from the University of South Australia in 2022. 


Madelyn is passionate about utilising a holistic, strengths-based and family-centred approach in supporting young children to engage in daily activities as independently and easily as possible. Madelyn actively uses models and theories such as play-based therapy, sensory processing, developmental and occupational performance approaches to guide her practice.

My Story

Madelyn is a friendly, warm and empathetic therapist who strives to create a safe and positive therapeutic relationship with her clients. She tailors her sessions to the child’s interests and preferences so that they are enjoyable and meaningful, allowing growth towards goals through play-based strategies. 


Madelyn’s special interest areas include: 

  • Early intervention 

  • Developmental Disorders

  • Daily activities (e.g., dressing, sleep, toilet training, mealtimes)

  • School readiness skills (e.g., handwriting, executive functioning, routines)

  • Play skills and social interaction 

  • Fine and gross motor skills 

  • Sensory integration 

  • Self-regulation 

  • Neurodiversity-affirming approaches


In her spare time, you can find Madelyn outside in the sunshine, by the beach, at the gym, online shopping or trying a new brunch spot with friends and family!

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