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Speech Therapy

at school

Speech pathologists in schools

Having speech and language therapy in schools is a great alternative to in-clinic sessions for the following reasons:

 - As a busy parent, you are not able to make it to sessions in-clinic before or after school hours.

 - You are worried that by taking your kid out of school will disrupt their their ability to concentrate in school

 - Due to work and other commitments (other kids), it is logistically impossible for you to take them out of           school/childcare/kindergarten to attend speech therapy sessions. 

 - Your child may require the support from the school or childcare setting during therapy sessions


Here at Therapy Lab, we offer flexible therapy sessions by seeing your child at their respective school/childcare. Speech therapy at schools do not in any way compromise the quality and the effectiveness of our therapy sessions. Having speech therapy sessions in schools will allow us to work closely with their teachers to unsure that they understand the specific needs as part of your child's treatment plan. It also allows us to observe how your child interact with his friends in a "real live" scenario. This would greatly assist us with our ongoing therapy sessions as we can accurately gauge where your child is at. 

In addition, we will also be able to work closely with their teachers to reinforce vocabulary, concepts or literacy areas to help them excel in school.


What types of speech therapy services are offered in schools and child care? 


 - Speech assessments 

 - Regular therapy sessions e.g. weekly or fortnightly

 - School groups


Apart from schools and childcare visits, we also offer home visits for those who prefer to have therapy sessions at home. For more information, follow the link below.


We are based in the Adelaide metropolitan area but are flexible with the location for our school and childcare visits. Generally, for any travel within a 10 km radius of Adelaide city could be waived of all travel costs regardless of whether our client is covered by NDIS. Travel costs for journeys outside the 10 km radius will be charged accordingly to the NDIS guidelines. For non-NDIS clients, we will strive to provide you with a reasonable rate to cover our travel costs and time. Please call us at 0403 118 979 for more information.

If you require speech therapy for your child, click on the "book now" button on the bottom right of your screen, or alternatively call us at 0403 118 979 or email us to book your speech therapist today. 

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