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Adelaide Speech Pathology Services

Speech Therapist Home Visit

We provide at home Speech Therapy for children in Adelaide. Is it daunting to think about getting your child ready to head into the clinic for his/her therapy session? Getting your child dressed, packing and getting his bag ready, settling your child into your car/managing your child whilst on public transport, managing your child whilst in the clinic's waiting room....

Whether for toddlers or children, a typical visit to the speech pathologist's clinic would involve a journey from home > travel > clinic > travel and then home again. This could prove challenging for busy parents or children who find it difficult to travel. You can avoid all of that by requesting to have home visits instead! Home visits are way more convenient for you as a parent - Sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of a Home Visits

At Home Speech Therapy - Comfortable Environment


Being at home creates a comfortable, warm and calm environment for your child to focus and develop a deeper rapport with his/her speech pathologist. This helps with the assessment process as we are able to observe how they communicate in their own environment and how they interact with you. It allows your speech therapist to provide a more accurate diagnosis based on the individual's interaction with family members. For kids it will be his/her interaction with siblings, parents and grandparents. For adults we will observe their interactions with a spouse or children present at home. This allows us to explain and model the individual's behaviour to their caregivers. This ensures that the care and attention provided by the caregivers are specifically tailored to the client.


Home Visits Speech Therapist - Familiarity 

During the speech therapist home visit, we will be able to model our therapy techniques (for children) using their own toys and learning materials. This enables parents to replicate the speech activities effectively using the same toys and materials, supporting your ability to practice outside the session. By engaging a certified speech pathologist for home visits, it transforms the session for the better by making it hassle free for you. In addition, it also allow us to provide a holistic treatment plan for the client in a comfortable environment involving his/her family members and caregivers.

Having home visits at home would been minimal changes that your child will have to adapt to when commencing therapy services. Instead of adapting to a new environment, toys and people, your child will only have to start to adapt and build rapport with us! Being in a familiar environment will also make it easier for your child to familiarise himself with the Speech Pathologist. 

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Mobile Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy at School

Speech Pathologists in Schools? Having speech and language therapy in schools is a great alternative to in-clinic sessions for the following reasons:

 - As a busy parent, you are not able to make it to sessions in-clinic before or after school hours.

 - You are worried that by taking your child out of school will disrupt their school routine or cause them to miss out on school curriculum 

 - Due to work and other commitments, it is logistically impossible for you to take them out of school/childcare/kindergarten to attend speech therapy sessions. 

 - Your child may require the support from the school or childcare setting during therapy sessions


Here at Nurture Speech Pathology, we offer flexible therapy sessions by seeing your child at their respective school/childcare. We are also able to conduct language and literacy Speech Pathology assessments at school. 

Speech therapy at schools do not in any way compromise the quality and the effectiveness of our therapy sessions. Having speech therapy sessions in schools will allow us to work closely with their teachers to unsure that they understand the specific needs as part of your child's treatment plan. It also allows us to observe how your child interact with his friends in a "real live" scenario. This would greatly assist us with our ongoing therapy sessions as we can accurately gauge where your child is at. In addition, we will also be able to work closely with their teachers to reinforce vocabulary, concepts or literacy areas to help them excel in school.

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