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Speech and Occupational Therapy Adelaide


Our team provides paediatric speech therapy and paediatric occupational therapy. Nurture aims to only implement practices that are 'respectful, culturally competent, trauma-sensitive and empathetic'. Our team presume competence, respect the child's sensory differences and body autonomy.

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Our Philosophy

We are an autistic-led neurodiversity-affirming Allied Health practice. 


Our clinicians foster an individual's development through a respectful, playful, joyful, and engaging process. We use the power of relationships and human connections to promote the development of the capacities for: self-regulation, engagement, communication, shared social problem solving, and creative, organised, reflective thinking and reasoning.

The Nurture team embraces and respects neurodiversity. We advocate for relationship-based approaches that focus on promoting development and helps children  in a respectful and accepting manner that appreciates every person for their unique individual differences. 

We presume competence, respect sensory differences and body autonomy. We aim to only implement practices that are respectful, culturally competent, trauma-sensitive and empathetic. 

Adelaide Speech Pathology Services

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Play Based Therapy

When working with young children, Child-led play-based therapy is our clinician's go-to! Our Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists work on your child's  goals around a toy or play activity. We work on creating opportunities to teach and for your child to practice skills whilst having fun! It's not just play, it's play with purpose. But why play-based speech and occupational therapy?

Children are more engaged and motivated during play! Learning through play helps capture their attention, and helps them make connections with real life events and create long lasting memories that extend beyond the therapy session. These memorable moments support learning and retention!

Adelaide Speech Pathology Services

Centre based
Paediatric Speech and Occupational Therapy

Our facilities provide a modern and professional environment in which our highly trained speech pathologists and occupational therapists can help your child develop their skills and achieve their full potential.

Centre based therapy is preferable for our clients as we have all therapy resources are available at our centre whereas limited resources are brought for each home/school visit. Parents/carers can also actively attend sessions to see what is being practiced and can bring home written program suggestions after each appointment for faster therapy progress. We currently offer our speech therapy and occupational therapy services at our clinic in Payneham (Metro Adelaide) and Salisbury (Northern Adelaide). 

School Visits
Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists
in schools

School visits are a terrific way to target goals within the school curriculum. We will be able to collaborate with their teachers closely and pre-teach or reinforce strategies and support programs to support them to excel in school. It allows us to work closely with facilitators to ensure that they understand the specific needs as part of your child's treatment plan. It also allows us to observe how your child interact with others in a "real live" scenario. 

Speech and Occupational Therapy

We have noticed that some individuals actually engage and respond better when sessions are held on video-conferencing platforms! This option is also ideal for those who are just unable to travel to a Speech Pathologist and/or Occupational Therapist to access services or is feeling unwell on a particular day. We have experience using Tele-health to support individuals with a variety of areas.

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